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Indication of Zeldox
Zeldox is used to treat the symptoms associated with schizophrenia and bipolar mania.

Action of Zeldox
Zeldox is known as an atypical antipsychotic. It is thought to work on several receptors in the brain, correcting the imbalance of specific chemicals and hence improving the symptoms associated with both schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Zeldox has a unique mechanism of action and hence has a more positive adverse effect profile compared to many of the other antipsychotics.

Dose Advice of Zeldox:
It is important to follow all instructions given to you by your practitioner and pharmacist. The following information may differ from what was given to you by your health professional.
- The start dose is 40 mg twice a day with meals (eg. One capsule to be taken in the morning with breakfast and one capsule at night with dinner)
- Your doctor may increase your dose to a maximum of 80mg twice a day
- Your dose may be increased at 2-3 day intervals depending on your condition
- Swallow your capsules whole and with a glassful of water

If you have any questions regarding the dose or usage of your medication, please consult your healthcare professional.

Schedule of Zeldox:
Zeldox is Schedule 4.

Common side effects of Zeldox:
Zeldox, like all other medications may cause adverse effects. Most of them are likely to be minor and transient. However, if you experience any problems while on Zeldox, even if they are not in the following list, please inform your doctor as soon as possible. Your doctor would have taken these side effects into consideration before prescribing Zeldox.
- Sleepiness
- Loss of strength (weakness)
- Fainting or black outs
- Dizziness especially when standing up from a sitting or lying down position
- Constipation, diarrhoea
- Trouble getting to sleep
- Stiff muscles
- Hard to sit still
- Blurry vision
- Anxiety or agitation
- Painful penile erection that is persistent and not precipitated by sexual arousal

Uncommon side effects of Zeldox:
The following side effects occur in less than 1% of patients taking Zeldox and hence are considered uncommon. Please do not be alarmed by the following list as they may not necessarily occur in all patients.
- Palpitations
- Shuffling walk
- Arms and legs that are stiff
- Abnormal movements involving primarily the face and tongue
- Involuntary jerking or twitching movements involving the arms and legs
- Convulsions or fits
- Fever, sweating, muscle stiffness, drowsiness and fast breathing that occurs abruptly
- Tremors in the fingers and hands
- Involuntary spasms that affects the eyes, head, body and neck
- Increased expulsion of gas

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