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At the clinical material of 25 patients with epilepsy with different types and frequency of seizures investigated the therapeutic effectiveness of a new form of prolonged drug valproic acid, - valparin xp (producer firm Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd., India). Established that the therapeutic efficacy valparin xr was identical to the form of prolonged brand valproate monotherapy, several inferior to him in polytherapy, and was higher than in the treatment of other AEP. The best results were obtained, as in the original drug in the treatment of myoclonic seizures and polymorphic. Side effects do not exceed those in brand drug. A significant advantage valparin ridge is lower price compared with the original valproate. Pharmacological properties
Sodium valproate increases the content GAVA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) in the brain, which correspondingly increases the content GAVA in postsynaptic neurons. In addition, sodium valproate affects the transport of potassium ions through the membranes of neurons. The result of this action is the suppression of the excitation origin and propagation of epileptic excitation of neurons.

Valproate possesses anticonvulsant activity in different types of epilepsy in humans. The drug has no marked hypnotic and sedative effects, and no effect on depressing the respiratory center. Valparin XP does not have a negative effect on blood pressure, heart rate, renal function and body temperature.

Bioavailability of the drug - nearly 100%. Peak plasma concentrations are attained within 2-8 hours after oral administration of tablets with controlled release. 80-90% of the drug binds to plasma proteins, while half-life of approximately 8-20 hours (in children is shorter). Therapeutic effectiveness is manifested at a concentration of valproic acid in the blood plasma of 40-100 mg / liter. At the same time, pharmacological and therapeutic effects of the drug controlled release does not always depend on its concentration in plasma. The volume of distribution - 0.2 liters / kg body weight. The drug is metabolized in the liver and excreted in the urine. For this drug is not marked presistemnogo metabolism.

Treatment of generalized or partial epilepsy, especially in the following types of seizures:
absence seizures
partial epilepsy:
simple or combined seizures
secondary generalized seizures
specific syndromes (West, Lennox-Gastaut)

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