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Main Use: Asthenia, chronic fatigue, diabetes, etc.

Arcalion is prescribed as a treatment to help patients with a range of conditions such as asthenia, chronic fatigue, diabetes, hypothyroidism, renal disease, fibromyalgia, and depression (post partum). It remedies the symptoms of weakness by increasing focus, strength (both physical and mental), and energy, making you more alert, less lethargic, and more upbeat whilst also helping to stabilize sleeping patterns.
In addition, this medication can also help a patient's memory, and strengthen thinking processes. Some patient's have even reported slight eyesight improvements.
Arcalion is also popular with athletes as a nutritional supplement as it is a vitamin compound which will not show up in competitive sports blood testing. It can help you to achieve your maximum potential and replenish energy after strenuous activities, making it possible to maintain your edge.

Dosage and administration
Strictly follow all instructions providered by your physician. Never self-medicate or adjust your dosage yourself.
Correct dosage will vary patient to patient, but a normal course of medication is 2 tablets per day, taken for 2 weeks. Always take alongside a full glass of water, and swallow whole without chewing, biting, or breaking the tablet in anyway.
If 7 days passes and you do not notice any differences, consult your physician to discuss whether a higher dosage is required or whether Arcalion is not the correct drug to help manage your condition.
Never take more than 600mg within a 24 hour period.

Side effects
If you experience any side effects, consult your physician as soon as possible for further advice. Side effects which patients have reported suffering include:
- Headaches
- Irritation
- Renal failure
- Dermatitis
- Lupus symptoms
- Heightened levels of uric acid
- Epidermolysis
- Conjunctivitis
If you are having an allergic reaction, seek immediate emergency medical attention. Signs of a reaction can include difficulty breathing, a tight chest, swelling, hives, or skin rashes.

Arcalion is not suitable for patients who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or planning on becoming pregnant.
Before you begin taking Arcalion, inform your physician if you have any other medical conditions or illnesses, as well as if you are taking any other medication, whether prescription, non-prescription, vitamins, dietary supplements, or any other form of medicine.

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