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General Information on Trasicor
Trasicor is a medication that belongs to the drug class known as beta blockers. The chemical name of Trasicor is oxprenolol, which is also available separately as a generic drug with the same properties and mode of action as Trasicor.
Trasicor blocks ???beta receptors?????, which are chemicals found in the heart and other different parts of the body, although this medicine only targets the receptors in the heart. By blocking beta receptors, Trasicor stops the effects of 2 natural hormones known as adrenalin and noradrenalin. This allows the heart to beat more slowly and reduce the pressure at which blood flows, thus curbing high blood pressure. Therefore, Trasicor is useful for the control of hypertension.

Since Trasicor slows down heart rate and blood pressure, the amount of energy required by the heart for blood circulation is also reduced. As a result, the heart requirement for oxygen is also reduced, making Trasicor useful for the treatment of angina. Angina is a type of chest pain that can surface when the heart?????s oxygen requirements are not met. By easing the load on the heart, Trasicor can be used in the prevention of angina attacks.
You may also buy Trasicor online as per the doctor?????s prescription for the treatment of irregular heartbeat, also called arrhythmia, since it allows electric pulses in the heart to become more regular. Apart from these heart problems, Trasicor is also useful in the treatment of certain symptoms caused by anxiety, like sweating, tremors and rapid heartbeat.

Side effects of Trasicor
Trasicor is known to commonly cause dizziness and fatigue. While these side effects are mild, you must take certain precautions. Avoid performing tasks that require a high level of alertness and concentration, like driving and operating machinery.
Trasicor may cause dangerous side effects if it is stopped immediately, especially in patients diagnosed with ischemic heart disease. The dosage would be gradually reduced over a period of 1 to 2 weeks, as per your doctor?????s instructions.
Trasicor commonly causes dry mouth and constipation as side effects. They are usually mild, but you must let your doctor know if they become intolerable. Other less common side effects include dizziness, tiredness, depression and cold hands and feet.

Dosage of Trasicor
Trasicor is to be taken as per the dosage prescribed by your doctor. Do not take a dosage larger than prescribed, and do not continue your treatment with Trasicor for more than the prescribed time. You may buy Trasicor in the form of oral tablets with 3 strengths- Trasicor 20mg, Trasicor 40mg and Trasicor 80mg. The tablets may be taken with or without meals. The tablets need to be swallowed whole with water, not broken or chewed.
Trasicor is usually taken in 2 or 3 equal doses per day. However your doctor may prescribe a different frequency pattern you would have to follow. Do not stop taking Trasicor unless your doctor tells you to do so. In most cases, Trasicor is gradually stopped by reducing the daily dose over time.

Trasicor can interact with several other medications, including ACE inhibitors, alpha blockers, antipsychotic medications and other beta blockers. You must tell your doctor about all the medicines you take before you buy Trasicor.

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