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Avil, 1-phenyl-1-(2-pyridyl(-3KJimelhylamirK>propane,(Pheniramine), is an anlihisla-minic and antiallergic suitable for the treatment ol hyperscnsitivily reactions and pruritus. In calarrhal diseases and weeping eczema Avil reduces the secretion. Avil syrup is a pleasant and acceptable formulation particularly for infants and young children.

Allergic diseases (urticaria, hay lever, angioneurolic oedema, pollinosis, mucous colitis etc).
Respiratory conditions associated with increased secretions. Itching skin conditions (eczema, lichen planus, acute and chronic urticaria, anogcni-tal pruritus, pruritus in jaundice and diabetes etc).

Dosage and administration
Unless otherwise prescribed by the physician, the following dosages should be observed.
Avil Injection: Solution tor the treatment of severe, acute conditions. The effect of a single dose lasts for 4 ??? 8 hours. Treatment is continued until acute symptoms have subsided. Maximum dosage 3mg/Kg body weight/day in 2 doses.
Avil Tablets: In adults and children over 12 years, treatment is started with 1/2 tablet two or three times daily. If necessary, the daily dose may be raised to 1 tablet three times from the second day onwards. Maximum dosage 3mg/Kg body weight/day.
Avil Retard: Ihc coaled lablets have j prolonged action. In most CSSM, 1 tablet taken after supper is sufficient to produce an antihistaminic effect that lasts for up to 24 hours. Only in very refractory cases, an additional tablet will be needed in the morning. The coated tablets are swallowed whole with a little liquid.
Patients suffering from pruritus during the day only, need but one coated tablet in the morning.
Avil and AvH retard to be taken after a meal.
Avil Syrup: Syrup is particularly suitable for children. Children aged 1 ??? 3 years should receive half a lea spoonful two or Ihree limes daily, children o4 up to 12 years 1 tea spoonful two or three limes daily; adults and young people 1 ??? 2 lea spoonsful of syrup twice or Ihree limes a day after meals. Maximum dosage 3mg/Kg body weight/day.

Side effects
Especially after internal use. Avil in the dosages recommended above may sometimes cause drowsiness, dryness of mouth or symptoms of hypersensitrvity. In higher doses il may cause, hallucinations, agitation, disoricnialions, and in small children excitation slates.
In certain rare cases retention of urine, increase in intraocular pressure, gastrointestinal complaints or palpitation have been observed.

Prostatic enlargement with a tendency to formation of residual urine. Hypcrsensitivity to pheniramine which is quite rare.
During pregnancy, especially Ihe first three months, and during lactation, Avil should like all drugs, be taken only if strictly indicated and after careful consideration of Ihe risk for mother and child, and not without the physician's advice. Hypeisensitivity to Methyl-4-hydroxybciuoalc and PropyM-hydroxybenzoate (Para-bene).

The possibility of an undesirable interaction with the effects of alcoholic beverages or sedatives, soporific and other drugs ftranquilizers, neuroleptics, MAO- inhibitors) must be kept in mind.

Special notes
For diabetics: 1-tea spoonful (5ml) of Avil syrup contains about 1.75gglucose. Intravenous injection must be given slowly (1ml/min).
In patients with narrow-angle glaucoma, ophthalmotogic examination is required before Ihe use of Avil.
Patients whose activities (e.g. driving) demand special concentration should adjust dosage and lime of their medication to their individual requirements. They should reduce their daytime dosage and take a full dose before bedtime. Blood dyscrasias rarely observed after use of anlihislaminks have not been seen under pheniramine treatment so far.

Protect trom light. Store below 30C

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